Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s a lead?


A: A lead is a phone appointment set with a business owner who has expressed an interest in the possibility of selling their business and agreed to speak with the broker about the possibility of selling. The prospect has to agree to speak with the broker on the phone. 


Q: Will you get me buyer leads?


A: Yes, but you have to specify that you want them. See broker profile.


Q: What makes you different from the appointment setting companies I’ve dealt with in the past?


A: We have been providing quality leads exclusively for business brokers for over 16 years. We are performance based. Which means we charge per lead vs. blocks of telemarketing time or by the hour. In addition, our program is far more affordable and accountable.

Our callers are trained by us specifically for the purpose of booking leads for Business Brokers and Commercial Real Estate Agents.


Q: Are your callers located in the US?


A: Absolutely, we will never hire offshore callers. We have a very thorough process of training the best lead generators in the industry!


Q: How do you really know what my needs are?


A: That’s a great question! Not all brokers' needs are the same.  Our staff spends time getting to know you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also submit a Broker Profile form for you to fill out for the callers to use while making the calls.


Q: Do I have to supply my own leads (database)?


A: No, we provide the database.

 Our program makes the process easier for you. We have incorporated the cost of providing databases into our prices per lead.  Our staff will contact you to gather the necessary information to provide you with a quality list. After we download your list we will email you a copy for your approval and editing.

  If you have a list that you would prefer us to use it needs to be submitted in excel format. Include the following fields:

  • Company name

  • Address

  • City

  • Street

  • Zip

  • Business phone number

  • Contact name: First and Last

  • Title (Owners, Ceo’s, Presidents, Principals and Partners)

  • Location Sales volume range

  • Primary SIC code description


 Q: Do you have a minimum order?


A: Yes, please contact one of our associates for current pricing and specials


Q: How do I reserve your time?


A: Your time is reserved by purchasing the Intro Package. We will email you an invoice. Follow the appropriate link and complete the credit card portion.