From a telemarketing standpoint, I can’t imagine working with anybody else in the market other than Custom Solutions.  From the very beginning, Larry and Sandy have been straightforward about their disciplined approach in the market place and it has shown up in the quality of leads they provide.  Beyond this, they are intelligent, honest and caring business people that are truly concerned with the success of their customer, the Broker.  I fully intend to utilize their firm as an integral element in our comprehensive marketing approach for years to come.


Pat H.


Dear Sandy:

I would like to thank you and Larry Barker for your assistance in securing leads. My business brokerage business has grown significantly over the past two years, and you and your staff have played a significant part of that growth.

The appointments set for me generally lead to a solid appointment or phone appointment with a potential seller wanting to discuss fully the process of selling their business.

Thank you again and I look forward to continued relationship in 2008 and beyond.

Yours Very Truly,


Henry H.




I wanted to send you a note commending you for the great job you guys do.  I have used three other telemarketing services in the past 4 years or so and have failed to find one that consistently delivers the kind of leads you do.  Although I don’t expect that every lead you give me is going be a listing or a sale, I do expect that the lead will at least give me a dialogue with a prospective seller.  Using that as my expectation, your organization clearly and consistently delivers.



Mike C.


Hello Sandy & Larry,

Following note went to Sunbelt Blog today.

I have been working with Sandy Sage for one year.  The calls made by 

Custom Solutions team have yielded twice the confirmed phone appointments for the investment than I experienced with other 

Telemarketing services. The quality of the appointments have led directly to more client engagements and closed transactions.  The flexibility of the service and the pay-per-appointment pricing makes their offering a "no brainier" It's well worth the investment.

Eric N.


I have been working with Sandy Sage of whom (my understanding) that Larry Barker is an associate. We've had a wonderful experience.  We've tried a number of services and this group has been great to work with.


Edwin P.


I just got off of the phone with US Window Renewal. He was prepared for our call and ready to move forward with doing a valuation. And, he said very nice things about Jeana.  I want you both to know (and to share with your team), that I really appreciate their hard work. It must take hundreds of calls to find the gold nuggets- and for me, it just makes a world of difference.  I have 2-3 other leads that I received that are also moving forward with a next step.


Currently, I have 2 listings that resulted from your teams’ calls, and one is in contract. When it closes, I will be sure to pass something along to you. As a side note, I did try using another telemarketing service- and found that their results were clearly not as successful.  Again, I appreciate your dedication and persistence!


Amy C.


Hi Rick,

I am VERY satisfied with Larry Barker and Custom Solutions.  He has gotten me several leads that became listings … and you don’t have to convert many leads in order to make his services very cost effective.  I wanted to use them to get higher end listing prospects.  In my market I was looking at businesses with sales of from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. (Roughly speaking, looking for businesses that will sell for $500k to $3MM.  But, I think you can successfully expand that base enormous by bringing the sales down to $500-$900k annually.

Call/text me if you want to discuss further —


Tim C.


I have been a client of Custom Broker Solutions for about 18 months.  I have found their service and concern in providing only quality leads a breath of fresh air. Sandy Sage & Larry Barker are a pleasure to work with.


Clifton B.


I have just begun working with a small telemarketing Group in CO. The head of the organization, Sandra Sage, has a good deal of lead generating experience. I have provided her with a good amount of information regarding the best way to maximize the results from this process. To date, she has provided me with 2- 3 good quality leads from a base of only 20 businesses identified. I have expanded that base to 450 businesses and I am awaiting the results from this expanded list.


Gary A.